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By: K. A. Williams

I work in returns at a
big department store.
The hours are long
but it’s never a bore.

“I’d like a refund,”
said the man with a bag.
I pulled out the item
and scanned its tag.

The computer searched
but there was no trace.
“You must have bought this
at some other place.”

Next was a woman who
set a box of candy down.
She handed me the receipt
and explained with a frown.

“My sister’s glad I’m fat
and can’t get a date.
She bought me this candy
but I’m trying to lose weight.”

The next person was a
woman who opened her bag
and dumped out a shirt,
receipt, and a tag.

“It was black before I washed it,
but now this shirt is gray.”
And that had been my last
return of the day.


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