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Confession of the poetical firefly to muse-butterfly of poesy

By: Pawel Markiewicz

You must excuse me. You dear dreamer!
I have overly felt my dreamery about Golden Fleece.
I built my small paradise without any other ontological beings.
I based the dreamiest sempiternity on tenderness of my wings.
Thus. I painted my wings in color of an ambrosia.
Withal: I liked dew of dawns for the sake of elves.
I loved too much the wizardry of mayhap dreamy Erlkings.
I had to read many fairy tales of the Winter Queen.
I have enchanted your night rainbow.
I have become a magician of dawn.
I loved the Morning Starlet – the dreamy Venus.
I collected all shooting stars after a dreamier night.

Excuse me. My dear butterfly
fulfilled in same after glow
and bewitched by lights of moonlit and
starlit nights!
Let us dream over night!
Unto an epiphany of first
angels of red sky in
the morning.

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