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By: Rohit Gupta

It was his solitude, his ocean of tranquility;
as if he wanted to get drowned in it everyday;
fighting with the demons inside, and never letting go of them;
became a constant companion like the eternal bond they shared;
holding the heart with his bare hands and keeping it alive;
as if pumping the blood through the efforts he put inside;
and then the storm was about to come and he had no shelter;
he just had an umbrella with the broken ribs;
he cursed the storm and asked it to go back;
to rain today on some other shelter, of that he prayed for;
but destiny was ruthless, he never imagined of that;
and that’s where the plans work, where mind fails;
of God’s ways, which he was oblivious of;
oblivious of the warmth he felt in the lap;
crawled in the air leaving behind marks of feet;
as he finally saw the ocean, touching his own feet;
and until he merged and looked back;
again found his solitude, his ocean of tranquility.


Rohit Gupta is a travel enthusiast who has a passion for exploring new places and recording them in his travelogues. An introvert by choice in his real life, poetry remains a new field of exploration for him during this pandemic.


  1. Superb my friend…
    Feeling very enthusiastic through out the poem.
    May god bless you with all new n lots of happy experiences in your book of exploration..
    Wishes n luck in your life further from ma side..

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