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By: Hardeep Sabharwal

The text is just floating in the phone,
“Are you angry!”
The phrase, ‘I know what you have felt’.
Is more an irony and less an assumption,
And the reply, ‘No’
But I hate you as much as I love you,
Is not a philosophy, it is a colour,
That sometimes cover the entire sky of feeling,
It is not strange when someone deserts
But justifying is unbearable always,
But let not this time, the text just remain a question
Neither the reply be a shout,
Let mingle the hate and love
And all the shades that were alien till now
As abandon is not one way process,
Time will one day decide the intensity
Of being abandoned or about the dropout of love……


Hardeep Sabharwal is from India, He completed his M.A from Punjabi University Patiala in English. His work has been published in various online and print Magazines, The Larcenist, In flight Literary magazine, Topology Magazine, Zaira journal, The Writers Drawer, Amomancies magazine,  Quail Bells,  Literary Yard, NY Literary Magazine, Jankriti International magazine, Hastakshar web magazine, Literature Online, PIN Quarterly Journal, Delhi Magazine, Alive, Setu, sahitya sudha, sahitya express, purvayi magazine, Hastakshep magazine  and in few newspapers,  In 2014 he  won the Yoalfaaz best poetry competition for his poem “HIV Positive”. In Dec. 2015 he won second place in Writers Drawer international poetry contest for his poem “The Refugee’s Roots,”

His poems In Hindi has been selected by Poetry Society of India for the anthology Amaltash Me Satdal ( best poems of 2015),  In June 2016 he won third place for his story “The Swing” in The Writers Drawer short story contest 2016.  His work has been also included two times in the Anthology of stories and poem Circus of Indie Artist, US.  In Sept 2015 he won third place in Pratilipi Flash fiction contest 2017 ( Hindi).

Awarded with Pratilipi Kavita samman ( Hindi) 2019 


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