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By: Mihika Saraf

The color Black,
Black is an ominous color,
It represents the sign of death and sadness,
It is the colour of the silence, the language in which the silence utters consequences,
In ebony crowded around a casket void of a whisper.
Black is the color of the night, full of danger, schemes, and chaos,
The haunt to cross the sea of endless desire in greeds fragile canoe,
Just seeing the color will make you fill with hopelessness and dread,
Creating a sense of void, something that you cannot escape,
Like a trap, like a cycle,
A cycle of life, that you can never escape.
Black is not only ominous but beautiful,
Like the skin, which can face and overpower through any amount of discrimination and taunt,
Till it’s proved how equality and self-belief can be the strength of man.
When combined with other colors black is power,
With all colours together brings black, signifying the strength of unity,
It represents days that were hard and it represents the color of struggle to a smile of peace and content.
Black is the colour of life…


Mihika Saraf is an aspiring 12 year old poet and author. She enjoys writing poetry, novels, quotes, articles and motivational speeches. She is a published poet and co-author. She has been author of the year 2019 nominee and 1st place holder (best poet from 4-7 std category) in SSWC contest, both held by storymirror app. Most of her writings and accomplishments are displayed on the same.


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