Literary Yard

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By: Emily


All over
I am iron
Being smelted
Becoming strong and beautiful
Unlike the rock I came from
All because of the pain



Dead roses
Wilted violets
Deceased daisies
Lifeless flowers
Is what makes up my garden
Rotting now
Maggot food
Giving birth to new life
This is my garden
Pieces of stone
To mark a life
Once plentiful
Now lost
But it isn’t
Everything is passing
Even death
Leads to life
The bones become bones
The flesh becomes flesh
And the life becomes life



I am a ghost
I see the humans
Going about their everyday life
I want to scream, escape
This cage I live in
To be normal
I need to escape
But it’s the only place I feel safe-
The past
That’s what cages me
I look around
My chains are made of sand
But can I shake them off?

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