The destiny of a madman

By: Jordan Zuniga 

The mustering of the forces, the gathering of strength,
The call to arms upon the realm of France, increase the territories length!
The kneeling for the honor, the placing of the crown,
The swiping of the treasure and the mocking of the clown,

The sacking of the pulpit, the destruction of the keep,
Would force the dragons unyielding reign into the depths to creep,
Such fierce fighting to capture the prize of a divine home,
The kidnapping of the headmaster, the ransacking of Rome,

With the status of an emperor, and the mighty strength of a king,
His army fought against his neighbors, the betrayal and the sting!
Upon the meeting of the forces, the battlefield so cold,
The quenching of a tyrant with an unyielding wit so bold!

What once was honored through song and voice,
Became the mockers finest choice,
What once was the finest kingdom, a jewel, an empire!
Would suffer the befitting irony of the imprisonment of desire.

Categories: Poetry

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