‘The Tangled Web’ and other poems by Mary Bone

By: Mary Bone

The Tangled Web

The tangled web was woven with care,
intricate secrets were stored inside.
The spider knew how to entice wary visitors
inside for a cup of tea.
His house was so cozy within.
Entertainment was the key,
For the likes of you and me.


The Outcast

Standing in the rain I was
an outcast, exposed to the elements.
I hoped to outlast
a burning hunger.
Alone on an island,
talking to the wind,
food was scarce.
The plague overcame me,
In my rags, as I dripped into
the ocean of life.



You came with baggage to unpack,
to unravel,
to put on the line,
staying on my mind.
Dirty laundry aired for all to see-
flapping everywhere,
written on subways,
forever in my mind.

Categories: Poetry

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