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‘Night’ and other poems by Chris Durand

By: Chris Durand


Sinking into now, 
Worries fall away, 
Soon to rest my head 
At the end of day. 

Moments of release 
Ebb away in peace. 
My heart softly beats. 
Consciousness retreats. 

Covers to my chin, 
Sleep is almost in. 
The world slips out of sight, 
Enveloped by the night. 



Too far gone, 
Lifetimes, lifetimes, 
Lifetimes long… 

I will be 
One with Thee 
In some life 



A light turned on in heaven 
The moment that you died 
God Himself then held you 
While I walked off and cried. 

Lucky are the angels 
And all of heaven’s host, 
But, more than all the multitude, 
I loved you the most. 



Skimming stones across the pond 
Sings to me, and I respond. 
Through the woods I stroll the path 
Till the clearing looms at last. 
At the pool’s edge lies a stone, 
Which I clasp.  I have honed 
My technique over seasons. 
Simple love is the reason. 
I pull back and then release, 
Seeing skips increase my peace. 



To laugh, to love, 
To bend, to break, 
To fear, to cry, 
To grieve, to ache, 
To hope, to heal, 
To laugh again, 
To love my life, family, friends, 
People, nature, ideas, God: 
To live is my Upanishad. 

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