Literary Yard

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By: Amol Narayan Jadhao

We have no nerve left to feel
The sofa felt the tiresome limbs
And the ‘human’ fondled the road to roots
The covered (mikes) mouths and shielded (cameras) eyes
Telecasting the live bare pangs and sheer pains

Has-beens of pavements discussed in the opulent news-rooms
The luggage of life looming large
Dragging the life to the deserted oasis
Luminous city lights had beckoned quasi-hopes
The dawning-darkness conjures
They yelled a thousand-mile haul to life

A mirrored accusation fractured the hopes from corners
Striving the vaccine pits against starving
Whereas moral vaccine infused on the tele-visions
Death cornered the life from ‘the centre’
Muffled form of distant solidarity
Pesky muggles haunted the slums
To stop spread ‘Died Death’ for ‘already socially-distanced elite life’.

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