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‘Being lonely’ and other poems by Ezewuzie Nkiruka

By: Ezewuzie Nkiruka

Being lonely

Many are scared of the dark,
some are scared of wild animals,
some are scared of death,
others are scared of insects and strange creatures
but nothing scares me more than the thought of being lonely.
Having no one by my side
as I thread this dangerous and wicked world.
Nobody to rush home to or share a meal with,
no one to send good morning and goodnight texts to,
spending Christmas and Easter all alone.
I dread walking the earth on my own
I rather die than have no one by my side.


The human mind

It’s quite terrifying how humans
forget the good things you spent your life doing for them
only to remember the one moment you messed up.
It’s funny how the memory of a single mistake
can replace years of wonderful and terrific memories.
How you can lose ten years of friendship
over a silly mistake
and how your apology means nothing to the person
you have known your entire life.
Life is indeed funny.
How a relationship can end because of a momentary error
Still very shocking how the human mind works.
Why reminisce on the mistake when you have a whole lot of
other amazing moments to ponder on and try to forgive?


No one left behind

The town was so noisy
The wind was speaking to the sea.
The doors rattled and shook like a vibrator
The animals flee without looking back.
The crows were having a mini battle amongst themselves
while attempting escape.
The children were looking for their toys desperately
and the adults were running after their children.
Suddenly, everyone and the hands of time froze
and in a flash, the town was empty.
Everyone vanished leaving nothing behind
but their shadows behind and a trail of sadness.


  1. I can’t believe this. I am literally staring at my poems. This is unbelievable. I am gonna cry. Thank you for the publication ❤️❤️

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