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By Nancy Machlis Rechtman

I weep for our country
And the promise of
Who we could be
And should be
Shredded by craven acts of violence
And hatred.

We get so close sometimes
There is still so much good
Struggling to overcome
The purposeful divisions
That keep us from getting
Where we need to be
And who we need to be.

I weep for the children
Who believe we should know better
And wonder why
They’re not safe
And where all the venom and monsters come from
Even though we assure them
In the darkness of night
That monsters aren’t real.

I weep for the hope
That flickers but refuses to be extinguished
In spite all the attempts
To smother it
Yet it burns
With the knowledge that change is coming
Even at a glacial pace
Since it sometimes takes a turn
In the wrong direction.
We fall to our knees
Crying out for justice
And for the world to be righted
And sometimes change finds its way back
To the path of righteousness
Despite all of the obstacles thrown in its way.

I weep for the love
And the kindness
We so desperately need
In these times of adversity
That hits us from so many directions.
The caring and compassion
That should be exemplified
By everyone in our lives
Is so often mocked
As weakness
By those who should know better
With poisoned words ricocheting into our consciousness
Attempting to beat us down.

I’m weary to my very core
From weeping
For what should be but isn’t
And sometimes seems to move so much farther from where we need to be.
But I continue to pray we can each become part of the light
That our country
And our world need so desperately
So that we can finally
All stop weeping.

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