Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Richard Puglisi


What is it?
You want
That you’re content with to have
Then when it goes
You find something else
Then when that goes
You look for it again
But one day your search comes to an end
And there is nothing else left
Which way do you go
Which way do you turn
You’ve reached the climax to your travels my friend
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to go
The Earth is too small for your odyssey to grow
You’ve passed by the wrong path so many miles back
The trail that you sought was the one named turn back


For the State of It All

End of eras
Politics of families
Personalities unlike their own

The mourning complements your character
And the morbidness is you

Acceptance is foremost
Left to pickup the broken pieces
Now with reason to gossip

Longing to know what is beneath the mantle
Down to the it’s very core


Wounds and Scars



The ultimate offense played out in the garden
And the rooster crowed at dawn

Boastful pride in battles of glory
It was conceit that drove him

Be forewarned
Their knives cut deeply
Those who look away while shaking your hand

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