Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Karoline Wimmer

Dust settles on matters
partly unseen,
Dust settles on distance
not the dream,
Dust settles on worlds
long discovered,
Dust settles on seas,
yet to be uncovered.

Curious it is,
and curious it may seem,
to dust as it floats
away from the dream,
to rest on a moor,
so quiet and with grace,
nothing is more,
nothing is less.

So, where dust travels
much farther than the beyond,
the ending of the stories
remain quite the same;
for when the final cry
of a sickening act, roars
louder than the burning tiger,
we know,
that beasts untamed,
that serpents in hiding,
all rejoice
to the most gruesome of tidings.

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