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Hey you, it’s been a long while

By: H.L Dowless

Hey you,
it’s been quite awhile.
Hey you,
it’s been a long country mile.
Hey you,
I still like your style,
your midnight black hair
and your glittering red smile.

I glanced into our high school annual
just the other day,
you were such a glowing, cute little child.
It’s funny how the pages have now turned all gray,
it seems like yesterday since we graduated down that isle.
When donning those gowns we both had it made,
we prayed that special moment would endure
for a long long while.

I still recall way back when pig tails were the rage,
if only we could turn times dial.
Its strange how so many have made their own way,
some building wealth into a glittering pile.

I recall the lakeside dance where we both first met.
You captivated me with your cheerful personality and your bright red smile,
still I can’t shake the thought from my poor mind yet.
Hey you,
can you walk with me for another mile?

I recall the ring I placed upon your left hand.
I courted your heart and I nearly won.
Do you remember the night we rolled in the back of your grandmother’s
cottage by the sand?
Our passionate love would have been the envy of every true man.

Hey you,
its been many a long year.
My heart was so broken when you returned my class ring.
In secret
at midnight I once shed many a salty tear.
Hey you,
its to those times I now sing.

Hey you,
we nearly had the real thing.
Life has carried me down such a long winding road,
but heaven lies before me,
so forward I go.

But by the way
I had to pause just to say hey.
Do you recall back when we both had our day?
The sun still glints in your eyes
and the wind so lovingly tosses your hair.
Deep inside my heart a place for you still lies.

Hey you,
lets go back if only for a moment.
Hold my hand again
as we walk through the sand.
Your eyes are still so filled with cheer,
I envy the hand of the wind in your hair.

Our day has been so far,
yet it seems oh so near.
I like the idea
of us both wishing upon a falling star.

Hey you,
we can reignite the passion of our youth.
Hey you,
please give me a second chance,
this round nothing shall be left to happenstance.
How could time ever have gone so wrong?

Hey you,
you were always the one,
I knew it to be true as the rising sun.
We need to be where we both surely belong.
Hey beautiful,
I knew you were the one all along.

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