Dark Christmas

By: Nwanne Ifeanyi

25th December. 11:03pm

Hung to my back, I carried her as i ran through the street of Thomas. “Don’t give up on me, please don’t” I begged Maggie, though she was unconscious, I still felt she could hear me.

Moments later, I started seeing the huge hospital building ahead of me. I felt relieved and quickly gave her some kind of assurance that she would get better soon, which she could only let out a weak sound of agreement.

Emergency! Emergency! I shouted at the two nurses apparently going home at the gate. Quickly one ran towards me while the other, I sensed went to bring the carrier used to carry patients.

Soon the other nurse came dashing with the carrier, placing her gently on it, we started pushing it to the emergency room.

Me and Maggie started dating while we were in our second year in the university. She was one rich kid that everyone wanted to roll with, luckily she fell for my charm and we started dating. Years rolled by and we got married, our marriage was blessed just last week, with the birth of our little princess Dara.

Suddenly I felt a hand touch me and I saw the doctor that was attending to wife. “Let me see you in my office” he said to me. And I followed him.

“Your wife had complications during childbirth and it affected her heart, thus the reason she had difficulty in breathing. Mr Ifeanyi, I’m sorry we lost her”


Nwanne Ifeanyi is a native of Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria, born and bred in the western part of the country. He is currently studying Hospitality Management and Technology in Lagos state Polytechnic as a part-time student.

Categories: Fiction

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