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By: N.B. Yomi

A thirteen year old boy with sleek blue hair and eyes, dressed in a short sleeved shirt, and shorts sat on a boulder. He sat next to a girl with long brown hair and green eyes, as she was dressed in a shirt and shorts, while she held his left hand. She graced him with a smile, before she stood up, and led him forward. They made their way through a wooded area, before she began to ascend into the air, and he followed her. He then took her into his arms, as he soared into the sky. She leaned against him, as she felt his comforting grasp. She gazed around at the light blue sky as flocks of birds passed by.
   “I’m glad I get to enjoy this day with you Josh.” She said.
   “I agree Sophia.” Josh replied.
    They landed in an opened area surrounded by trees, before Josh set Sophia landed on the ground. They kept walking, as the woods grew thicker. Sophia clung to Josh’s right arm, and leaned against him, as they heard several grunts and growls. They arrived at a cave, before they gazed at each, and entered. Josh channeled energy into his left hand, and held it up, as it lit their path. Josh and Sophia heard a loud hissing noise, before they froze in place. They slowly moved forward, before Josh was tackled by a pale skinned humanoid creature with pointy ears.
   “The light! Shut off the light!” It screeched.
   Sophia dashed forward, and kicked the creature off of Josh, before she helped him to his feet, and they ran forward. The creature ran after them, as Josh maintained his flair, before six more creatures that resembled the first appeared in front of them. Josh took Sophia into his arms, before he ran along the wall of the cave to avoid the creatures. Josh ran back onto the ground, before he dashed forward, as Sophia lit her own flair. The creatures pursued them, as they came to the exit of the cave. The creatures followed them, before they felt the rays of the sun strike their skin. They screeched, as they shielded themselves and ran back into the cave.
   “They…disturbed our rest. Vengeance we must have.” One of the creatures hissed once they were inside the cave.
   “Come nightfall we shall pursue them, and feast on their flesh.” Another one of the creatures hissed.
   Josh came to a halt, before he set Sophia on the ground, and they started walking forward.
   “Those creatures aren’t following us.” Sophia said, as she looked back.
   “I think it might be because of their aversion to light. We should be safe now.” Josh replied, before they continued forward.
    Josh and Sophia walked until they reached a small town, and entered surrounded by humans and elves. As Josh and Sophia kept walking, they gazed at their surroundings getting lost in their environment, before Josh bumped into a brown haired young man dressed in a brown shirt and black pants.
   “Sorry, I was distracted.” Josh said after he regained his composure.
   “No worries that tends to happen around here.” The young man replied.
    The man then walked past Josh and Sophia, before they continued forward. They stopped in a tavern and had a steak with some water, before they sat together and held hands. Sophia leaned against Josh’s shoulder. Josh blushed, as he heard Sophia sigh. His heart skipped, as she kissed him on the cheek. Josh gazed into Sophia’s eyes. She then led him out of the tavern, as they began to make their way through the rest of town.
   As they continued forward to make their way to the other end of the town, Sophia hung on Josh’s right arm. As they wandered, the sun began to set, before they made their way back to the entrance of the town. Once night had fallen during their trek, they heard low growling noises. Josh and Sophia looked up and saw six of the thin and sickly humanoid creatures surround them. The creatures lunged at the teens, before two of them were struck down by a sword wielding cloaked figure that landed in front of Josh and Sophia.
    “You two, run!” The cloaked figure exclaimed as he turned his attention to them.
    Josh then took Sophia into his arms, and ran past the creatures, who turned their attention to them. The cloaked figure charged towards the creatures, before he cleaved one of the creatures in two, as the others passed him. He turned about, and dashed after them. The creatures caught up to Sophia and Josh, who held up their hands that were engulfed in aura, before a flash of light emitted from their hands, while the creatures shielded their eyes. Josh and Sophia fired beams of energy at the blinded creatures, incinerating them in the process. When the flash dimmed, the cloaked figure landed in front of Josh and Sophia.
   “I see you were able to fend off the Truds.” He said.
   “That’s what those things are called?” Josh asked, as the cloaked figured nodded in response.
    “They’re nocturnal vampiric elven creatures who feed on elven and human blood.” The cloaked figure said.
    “Oh no, we might have led them here when we escaped their cave!” Sophia exclaimed.
   “What do you mean?” The cloaked figure asked.
   “My girlfriend and I were on a date, before we wandered into a cave where those things were hiding. Using our powers as a light source must’ve angered them, and caused them to hunt us.” Josh explained.
    “In that case, you’ll need to leave this town.” The cloaked figure stated.
    After they explained their situation, the cloaked figure began to lead them out of the town.
   “Who are you, and how do you know about these things?” Josh asked, as he followed the cloaked figure.
   The cloaked figure removed his hood, and revealed it to be the young man with wavy brown hair.
   “You’re that guy we bumped into earlier.” Sophia said, as he nodded in response.
   “My name is Aric, and I’m a wizard who’s made it a point to protect humans and faeries from the truds.” The cloaked figure replied, as he walked forward.
     As Aric, Josh, and Sophia walked forward, they heard a scream, before Aric dashed forward, and Josh and Sophia followed him. They came across a young elven girl that was cornered by one of the truds. Aric emits a flash of light from his right hand, as the truds a backed away shielding their eyes. He took the girl into his arms, before he, Josh, and Sophia ran from the truds. The truds recovered, before they saw the fleeing adversaries, and then followed them. Josh and Sophia knocked them back with sweeping streams of energy. They then followed up by incinerating the truds with beams of energy. Aric, Josh, and Sophia moved on, as she directed him to where she lived, before they arrived at a single story home. After the girl parted ways with them, Aric, Josh and Sophia made their way to the entrance of the city. Josh and Sophia looked around and saw the truds were approaching them. Aric goaded them to follow, before they followed them out of the city. They lead the truds through the woods, before they neared the cave. Once they stood in front of the cave, before the truds met up with them. The truds charged forward, before they were knocked back by a barrier created by Aric.
  “Go, I’ll hold them off!” Aric said, as he held up the barrier.
   Josh nodded, before he lead Sophia into the cave. After they made it out, Sophia looked back, as she noticed the cave entrance get sealed by a slab of earth.  As Josh and Sophia got closer to the slab, it started to rise, allowing a way of escape. Josh and Sophia made their way back to their starting point, as they landed on the open field of grass. Once they landed Sophia looked up, and took note of the sunrise.
   “It’s beautiful.” Sophia said, before Josh gazed at the sunrise along with her.
   Josh smiled, before he closed his eyes, and fell onto his back on the grass. Sophia gazed at Josh, as she took note that he had fallen asleep. Sophia then shrugged, before she yawned and slept next to Josh.

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