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The Perpetual Penumbra

By: Md. Saber -E- Montaha

Darkness feeds on darkness.

The bitter sediment
on the bottom of a pestered past
like the perpetual penumbras
always crawls giddily greedily
just beneath the fathomless pool of pleasant possibilities.

With a sudden fling,
the engrossing bitterness rolls upward
in a whirlpool of paltry bubbles.
The rampant bubbles, assembled in sundry potentialities
peeps through the devouring surface
in thudding confusion.

Hung up in undecided stillness,
the sardonic sediment lets it fall, lets it fall
from the glaring ephemeral satiety deep into
the abyss of certainty.
The Sisyphean certainty, that keeps
on holding it back over and over again.

Darkness goes back to darkness.


Md. Saber -E- Montaha is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at Northern University


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