‘Aerial Bed’ and other poems

By: Umar YB


How relaxedly you lay
In the leafy tree
As its branches sway
To the zephyr free…

How comfortable and cool,
You lounge on the heights
That you snore and drool
As in the calmest of nights…

Now that you begin to roll
In your elevated bed,
I wish when you will fall
You won’t on the head!



Thoughts in lines
Must not hold water
For every Tom and Harry..

One man’s feast
Another man’s garbage..

Verses are forests
Hiding treasures
And not all minds
Reason through the jungle!



Head adrift with the clouds,
or combing the jungle,
That at times with earthlings
she’s too taken to mingle.

Wandering and daring
dens demons dread;
Decoding closed books
damn hard to read.

With the digger of imagination
she thus curiously mines
Deep deposits and refines them
into shades & shapes, tones & lines!

Categories: Poetry

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