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I still remember, O my sweet companion,
Of that chaste kiss on your innocent breast,
Nourished by the emotion that love accompanies
In the field of the passions of a budding feeling.

You lent yourself to the game, accomplice and then gallant,
By our united hearts lulled by pure impulses;
In the kingdom of heaven Aphrodite, disturbing,
Weighed her sweet gaze on our two burning foreheads.

Your blond hair, ephemeral comet,
Went around the contours of your bare breast,
Waving in the breeze in an abstract waltz,
Caressing your face of beauty, flooded.

Far from the rigidities of life,
We were very fond of the flavours of the present,
Without questioning, or fearing
To the doubtful tomorrows often exposing us.

Our modest loves, like limpid waves,
Adorned the blue waves of this devotion:
The divine attachment that two candid lovers
Swear to each other, discreetly, like a quote.

And when God pleases this hymen that he blesses ;
On the wings of time of a fair course,
We’ll unite our hearts, our destinies, so that
To live the idolatry that we feel forever.

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