Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Alan Berger

Beyond the front door
Out the window
Between our blood
And our pores
As we try to explore this and that and such
For people like and un-like us
Love is just another excuse to go nuts

With at least one blind eye
And the other one lazy
All that is left
Is to go crazy

Crazy in love
Crazy in revenge
Never comes out right
So we do it again and again
A teardrop falls
And another will rise
I’ll pull it all out of the bag
Until a find the perfect disguise

I want to be your master
I want to be your fool
I can’t figure out
Where to find the right tool

A do it yourself project
With or without the proper instructions
Won’t mean a thing
After it’s destruction
In the meantime
Run thru the jungle
Swing from the trees
At the end of the night
Hope you land on your knees

Keep your illusions
From turning into intrusions
Keep your toys at home
And venture out alone

I didn’t come into this world
All by myself
Even putting what I would need
On the highest shelf
Up in the ether
You can’t reach it
And I can’t either

Rather than breakdown
I would rather go insane
Falling in love
Would be exactly the same

We try to dig it up
We try to dig it out
As we never will understand
The sounds coming from our mouths

People like us
People hate us
Try to find a window seat
On the big bus

I’m just an ordinary guy
In a extraordinary world
That will never make sense
Why even try?

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