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By: Mayesha Islam Abanti

Let’s, o dear!
To heal, as a matter of fact ;
To indulge in a mystical sphere of tranquil.
To love, with the heft of savouring allure.
To escape, like the valourity of a bird looming around with incessant flee.
To the roads, hail my way as an ode to forever.
To the rain, enrich my fidgety heart with ease of peace.
To you, be an acquaintance as I devour the agitation from your eyes.
Let’s traverse, o dear, mystifyingly I clutch on to you as my very own.
Let’s heal, o dear, with the perpetual devotion.
Like the smothering adulation. Let’s witness, o dear, one more sunrise of daybreak.
Let’s, o dear!


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