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By: Alan Berger

Nobody is listening
Save your breath
You will only find out why
After your death
Think I’m kidding?
Here comes the rest

This is the hook
And here is the sting
Nobody is listening

But then again, it’s sure fun to try
Sing your private lullaby

It won’t dim the glisten
Even if nobody listens

I’m crying out in the night
And I hope it echoes
In a world that is tone deaf
And generosity bereft

Keep on punching baby
Hit it with some spring
No one will arrest you

Nobody is listening

All of my secret pleasures
The worst and the best
When shown in the light of day
Are just like all the rest

So there you have it
And there you don’t
The more of go ahead and do it
The more the wont

But what can a nobody do?
An ordinary unique pilgrim

Did you not get the memo?
Nobody is listening

I just want to leave
Either nothingness or paradise
The latter would be nice

But if you want my truly for real humble opinion

Somebody is listening

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