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‘Awakening of Diversity’ and other poems

By: Amb. Maid Corbic


It’s spring; inanimate nature is suddenly astonished
To his character who brings fresh air from a distance
Waking my eyes squinting from winter hibernation
In the stage of madness; I walk across my room
To see the diversity of awakening that sings the soul
The most beautiful chirping of birds, the call of nature!

A sleeping dream for ears that can be heard very well
By creating special arias in the strait of time difference
Where in the second hemisphere is still the roots, but to me spring
Everything that has fallen asleep wakes up, nature in particular
Which wanders the streets looking for interwoven answers

Strong weather changes affect my mood
But the importance is to preserve biodiversity that is fresh
Slightly vulnerable to the disasters of Mother Nature, but continuous
To get used to everything that awaits me
When I least actually hope so

Everything is nicer if I have someone to share my daisies with
Loneliness, however, can make me afraid of the unknown
That’s why I’m going, – I look around for the last time
I look forward to every sunny day that God has created
Only for the eyes of good faces and the contours of the proud!



Whichever way I go, I always look around
It seems to me that spring has still arrived in my village
The birds are chirping out loud, nature is slowly waking up
And the thoughts still remain in my most beautiful homeland.

Far from its end and beautiful landscape
Where ordinary buildings look like the most beautiful magic
There when I come to you, I will always be welcomed with open arms
And the feeling was really very special.

Your charms you offer are the most beautiful in this world
When a cold night falls, you illuminate the sky with all the dotted stars
In the morning beautiful architectural rocks
And in the middle of the day with sung songs and children’s events.

Whichever way I go, I always look around
It seems to me that spring has still arrived in my village
My wishes became just another new hope
I am far from you, my dear, but I think of you every day.



There is no place or time that time can do
What fate has planned, it will really happen
I am someone who loves all seasons
Ine allows it to be further annulled by other people

I really live my dream from today until tomorrow
Believing in some better and fresher mornings
Because I know that what I have is really worth it
And I’m not sure it’ll just go away

The cultivated soul is still searching for its survival
Because I try to be just who I am
I believe in the happiness of being drawn from an early age
And I look forward to each new day

I live for the happiness of culture and the spring of sleep
I dream of white cypresses constantly
Who were still behaving and falling to the ground
As long as my smile is sweet in the bottom of my soul!

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