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‘Don’t Stay Indoors In The Springtime’ and other poems

By: K. A. Williams

Don’t Stay Indoors In The Springtime

Squirrels run down oak trees and sit
on their haunches munching acorns.
Fearlessly, a mockingbird darts in
among them to snatch a big grasshopper.
Butterflies of many colors flutter
here and there with the breeze.
Hummingbirds satisfy their appetites
quickly in the nearby rose garden.
A towhee fights an imaginary
adversary in the car’s side mirror.
In the back yard, honeysuckle vines
twine around blackberry bushes
filled with white flowers.


Just Out For A Stroll

stillness before dawn
by the neighbor’s cat
eyes flashing golden
in the faint glow
of a streetlamp
it’s hunting for a tasty snack
a mole or mouse perhaps
too early for birds
or just out for a stroll
before a lazy day of
preening and napping


The Unanswered Question

I called my older cousin last
week to ask how he was doing.
He told me all about his grandchildren.
One was graduating from high school,
another was getting married.
He was very proud of them,
but they live in another state
and I’ve never met them.
I wanted to know how he was doing
only he never told me that.

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