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Rainbow, Colorfully Colorless!

By: Rehanul Hoque

If light is life
Then VIBGYOR is the secret code
Of life, that speaks volumes for

Daubed with a paint
Objects and beings become colorful
As much as to declare
‘I exist’.
On the contrary, the absence of color
Makes life dreary and drab enough to become

In between life and lifeless-
The colors mingle together to form
Humanity, having no image.
Neither black, nor white, nor albino or brown
Arrayed in a light beam- all are colorless
In a rainbow nation.

Yet, at times, a certain color outshines others
It’s an exception, a supernova!

The dazzling beauty shines bright
No doubt, it’s ‘White man’s burden’
To shed light over the darkest corners
On earth!

Light is life
Life is colorful
A Rainbow has no image
It’s colorfully colorless!

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