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Honoring George Floyd

By: Dr. Gulshan Ara

(Unarmed George was killed by a white police officer in Minnasota, USA, on May 25, 2020;
This poem is dedicated to “George Floyd”)

O, George, you are the voice of eternity
The voice of imprisoned souls
Whispering incessantly, longing to be free
To be heard, demanding justice

The silent voice finally became audible
As you whispered “I can’t breathe”
Striking the most sensitive chord in human heart
The voice began reverberating throughout the world
And will continue to rumble for eternity

Throughout the history humans were victims of gross injustice & atrocities
Victims of heinous discrimination, hatred & lynching
Hatred becoming the most lethal weapon and slave trading a very prestigious trait
A trait predating colonial ruling and continuing till today in various disguise

You only whispered “I can’t breathe”
That whisper resounded as thunderous uproar
Travelled in light speed, touched everyone throughout the world
Crossing all bridges, breaking every wall
Knocked down the boundaries of time, country, race, gender, religion
Banged open everyone’s heart sucking out the last breath of air
And the world cried out in unison “I can’t breathe”

O George, you are the hero, you are the martyr
You aroused the conscience, the morale of humanity
You tought the world to forsake poisonious air and breathe fresh air
You tought the world to love, be kind and be human
You will be ever immortal in our hearts


Dr. Gulshan Ara is a scientist & a poet based out of Connecticut, USA


  1. Dear Onkar,

    Thanks for publishing my poem. I am very impressed by your work and would like to contribute something, preferably through a personal check! Please let me know who should I write the check to and where should I mail it.

    Best wishes,

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