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‘Good Bye’ and other poems

By: Ivan S. Fiske Iv

Good Bye

I quarantined you in my heart,
in the hands of my heart
I held you carefully
but it’s like
the spaces between the fingers of my heart
were so wide that you seep through
& I lost you
& you fell from the hands of my heart
filling the blank space of another heart
leaving mine void
with scars in the form of a note
inscribed on the surface of my broken heart
& reads “good-bye”.


Unexpected Wave of Grief

Walking from school, on my way home
I spotted some weirdo guys
Their eyes posted on me at every angle
It was 6:00 and the night begins to hide the light

Suddenly, I was chased
Screaming for help with my heart ablaze;
They seized my speed and breath
Nothing I could do other than fight

They wrestle me to the ground, torn my clothes
And positioned me like the letter Y
They thrust in and out of me
And left me helpless and deflowered

Laying down in the cold wave of agony
And swimming in my tears and blood
Like a cripple man
I was unable to walk

Heart bruised, future clouded
Suicide sustaining a high pitch note in my brain;
Depression set in with a melancholy vengeance
Cementing me with pain and grief

Received a scar that can not be mend
A day that I won’t forget,
Pride has gone forever; I’m now lost
Etching and painting an unanswerable question, WHY ME?


My Heart

You are that essential organ
That always pump encouragement
To the weaken places in my body;
You are my heart

When my blood is mix with sadness
You beat joy into my vein
When am in the jacket of fear
You cloth me with the flesh of braveness

You are unique, gorgeous and talented
As you walk on the golden path paved with greatness
May your blessing and success last forever
Like the sky above our head

You are kind, cute and full of love
You are that special Angel send from above
To lead and enlighten the world
And to share your roses of wisdom

As you have advanced to your new age
May the unable be able
May your disappointment appoints your success
May God give you long life; Happy Birthday Mommy (Dennise L. Nimpson)


Let Us…

Let us
craft love
in our likeness

with affection and togetherness,

let’s confine our soul
in Paradise
the symbol of eternity
would be us.


In the beginning
we loved
and love is still with us.

Let there be light
so that
love can glitter in every pocket of nature.

“Us” and love is one.

our bond remains
like the Trinity.


Ivan S. Fiske Iv is a young talented writer from Liberia. His works have been published in several magazines, such as Spillwords, We Write Liberia, Eboquills, and so on. 

He is currently a senior student of the ELWA Academy.

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