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By: Okpeta Gideon

The Sun rises at dawn and promises
a gleeful day; you may believe
it’s holds same blisses across, when
you set out for streets. With the forefinger
you hold a short khaki on the waist
and hope for brighter skies. How astonshing
do the sun strifes you relentlessly
after making prayers to
God for a restive day? And you’ll dare to hold
malices against Him: God is heartless;God
is wicked,
why do he keep watching the sun smite
me by day?―
I know I might be passing through a
test of faith like Abraham’s.

But a heart fiiled with whys, rains
blasphemic petitions: Why this, why that,
why me inclusive. Yet the wisdom of God
is foolishness to man!

While you are on the streets in Lagos,
you struggle to wear a pleasant look;
in a bit to please fortune that she might help
crack the hard nuts;
in your heart trades darkness with thorns.
And with the sun leads way towards the West,
leaves signs of malaria on your eyes.
At twilight, you’ll realise how critical the day
had been.


Okpeta, Gideon Iching is a Nigerian poet. He is a contributing writer for Joshuastruth magazine(JT MAG). His work has appeared at The lastleaves magazine, Literary yard journal, Words and Whispers, Academic of the Hearts and Minds, and else where. At his spare time, he writes and plays the keyboard.

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