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World in the Grip of Coronavirus

Dr. Gulshan Ara

(Dedicated to the Doctors, Nurses & the first Responders: The Heroes in the front line)

It feels strange, our world looks like an alien planet
Barren, seemingly lifeless
Humans caged in home, doors shut tight
Streets desolate, neighborhoods and playgrounds empty
Everything stands still like in a fairy land under witch’s spell

Death traps strewn all around
Hearts throb in suspense, breathing warily
Not knowing whose turn is next

No automobile exhaust, no industry pollution
No carbon dioxide poisoning the climate
Ghostly silence choking out the last breath of our civilization

Animals awed, where did humans go?
Leopards, wild hogs, squirrels
Roam around fearlessly throughout the world reclaiming their land
They rejoice and bask under the sun
Flocks of birds fly high, flowers bloom with vibrant glow
Azure ocean bed bathe in ecstasy as dolphin take deep dive
No fishing troller, no submarines

No roaring of aircrafts dropping bombs on enemy lands
No machine guns rumbling with thunderous uproar
No stampeding of soldiers invading or guarding territories
No sign of destruction, devastation, no enemy in sight
Yet, humans are dying, quietly exiting their beloved planet
The first responders, doctors & nurses fighting hard, putting their lives on the line
Trying desperately to save lives
Yet, swarms of invisible enemy claiming lives quietly and mercilessly
Threatening to annihilate the entire civilization
Trying to prove how fragile we are!
Guns, bombs & bullets seem to be the weapons of the past

As the humanity, facing a common foe, is threatened to be destroyed
The enemy nations join hands to fight it together
Share knowledge and resources to find antidotes
To save humanity, not to kill or destroy it

Is this a turning point for humanity?
Is now the time for our realization that we need to unite for our survival?
And be strong to preserve our lives, our civilization?
Unite to protect our lives, our fragile planet?
Protect our home, our world?


Gulshan Ara is a scientist and a poet currently living in Connecticut, USA

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