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By: Dr. Gulshan Ara

Listen, carefully, listen to the drum beat
The inherent drum beat played by nature’s orchestra
Be quiet, just listen, listen to the drum beat

The howling wind dancing around the Grand Canyon
The Gospel being played incessantly
By the restive downpouring of the Niagara Falls
Quiet murmur of the Amazon River
Splashing waves of the Great Barrier Reef
Whisper of the hissing wind wrapping the Himalayas
All play in unison to create nature’s orchestra

Is it not that nature’s beauty is for the humanity?
Is is not that the harmony of nature is a lesson for togetherness?
Then why can’t we hold hands & make our journey?
Why can’t we pulverize the impenetrable barriers
And create beautiful music together?
Instead, we build walls to divide ourselves
Play music of destruction, rejoice at others demise
And dance the dance of the doomsday
Dance for self-annihilation!

We make journey to distant lands, distant solar systems
To find other forms of life, other solar systems
But first, let us find ourselves
With the exploring spirit of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
Let us make journey to explore the universe within us
Dive within our souls and search for the spirit of friendship
Somewhere, someplace within us
There is the spirit of friendship, spirit of togetherness

Let’s turn the fire of destruction into a flame of knowledge
Its heat into warmth for life
The fist that we make to fight
Let us open that fist, we might find beautiful pearls
Made out of our own sweat of anger

Let us walk together holding hands to watch the rising sun
Bathe in the blessings showering from the heaven
Let the flowers bloom on the bed of destruction

Let us sing out loud with nature’s orchestra
Sing out loud the ode to humanity
Play it with nature’s orchestra


  1. Great Poem, Dr. Gulshan , thanks for presenting us with such beautiful poem with deep spirituality.
    This reminds of a small verse by Rumi “be silent and listen”.
    I try not to miss your poem,

    Stay safe
    Abu Huq

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