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Virtual Reality (VR) for You – Dianne and Will

By: Reynaldo W Duar Jr

Our story begins with our characters, Diane and Will. 

Diane and Will are relaxing from a busy week. The year is 2027.  

Diane and Will’s son has just gifted them the latest VR device. They were surprised when they opened the box and it responded, “Hello, Diane and Will, my name is Maxwell One”.  Diane and Will looked at each other in amazement and then they both said, “Hello Maxwell One”.  

It only came in a plain box with a label reading, Maxwell One, first edition. 

Prior to receiving a system, an applicant had to fill out an application online giving as much information about their lives. This would enable the device to immerse each customer with their very own unique VR experience.   

Diane and Will first tried Maxwell One together. They decided to be astronauts on a mission to Mars since sci-fi was something they both enjoyed.  

They sat on their lounge chairs at home and strapped on the device. Like a football helmet, the device covered their entire head. It was amazing how little they had to do to start using the Maxwell One. 

The VR starts at the NASA Astronaut Training Facility in Houston. They were both amazed because they had never been to the Johnson Space Center. 

Diane and Will had to go through shuttle simulation activity and weightlessness training. Part of this training is to help gamers understand that once you are out in space, doing a spacewalk, for example, you have to get back inside your spacecraft before you stop the game. Just like in real space.  

Diane and Will suddenly find themselves all suited up and ready to take off on their voyage to Mars. They glance at each other as they hear mission control’s countdown. 

The spacecraft takes off. They take a deep breath and look outside the windows while going into deep space. Maxwell One informs them that arrival will be in just minutes with Maxwell’s hyperdrive technology. 

Once on Mars, Diane and Will use the supplied space vehicle to tour the planet. Amazed during the tour, like everything inside the spacecraft everything on Mars is realistic, as well.  

Once Diane and Will finally return to Earth, they call their son to share their experience.  

The following week, Diane and Will explored some other VR activities. Maxwell One gave Diane and Will different virtual realities this time based on their individual profiles. Diane started her virtual reality game going to a club. 

At first, Diane was wondering why Maxwell One would start her virtual reality in a club. It had been years since Diane went to clubs and even then, she did not frequent them that much. 

Diane’s virtual story starts with her sitting by herself in a small club. Maxwell One had already picked out an outfit for Diane based on her profile. Diane was dressed in one of her favorite dresses. From head to toe, Diane had her hair done with shoes to match. She even had a touch of make-up on. 

A sign on the door read Club 1965. The club was dimly lit and had tables around her, each with a white tablecloth covering circular shaped tables. A spotlight covered the small stage. Soft music played in the background. Suddenly a familiar voice said, “The show will start momentarily”.  

She was a little curious that she was the only person in the room. The game even had a drink appear, as Diane was thinking she could use a drink. 

As the light increased on stage, Diane stopped drinking and looked towards the stage and saw a banner that read, JUST FOR YOU. At the same moment, as the sound of the music increased, to Diane’s surprise, she recognized her favorite singer, JC, which was just a nickname, but she knew who the singer was. The show began with JC saying “Hello, Diane. Welcome to the Show”. As JC began to sing, he stepped down off the stage, slowly approaching Diane. JC then took the drink out of her hand and as Diane continued to just gaze into JC’s eyes, he began to sing softer and lower, but as he sang, he admired Diane’s dress and body by slowly touching her hair. Slowly moving his hands from her head to her face. Then from her face to her neck. The intimate encounter increased Diane’s anxiety. Diane was almost frozen, but finally had the courage to touch JC, as well. She touched his hair, then his face, then his neck. She almost touched all the same areas that he had touched as he continued down her body. Diane still had her dress on, but that would not last for long.  

Now, Will was so into his virtual reality game that he did not hear Diane’s reactions to her virtual reality game. They were in close proximity to each other, but far enough away not to interrupt each other. 

Diane spilled what was left of her drink off the table as JC sang softly but continued to interact with Diane. Then JC asked Diane, what can I sing for you? 

He continues to sing softly, but at this point Diane’s dress is barely on and she doesn’t even remember when her shoes came off. Exploring all of her body, and she almost forgets that he is singing to her as she is feeling every inch of his hands touching her body. She is extremely aroused at this point and Diane is completely immersed in this game.  

To make things interesting Maxwell One then switches between a few of her favorite singers. At almost a twinkling of an eye, Diane is still mesmerized as the music changes with each character. She plays instruments, she gets to sing duets, etc.  

Based on her preferences prior to starting the experience, Maxwell transformed Diane into another reality. This time Diane had an apron on. As the game started, she suddenly met Mary, one of her favorite baking show hosts. Diane was pleasantly surprised that she was able to be a guest. During this VR experience Diane was able to bake anything she desired. Mary coached Diane along the way. It was so amazing. She couldn’t wait to share experiences with family members.   

The following day, Diane and Will decided to try more games. Diane desired to play on a women’s baseball team. However, when Diane or Will took a break from VR, they had the bruises to show for it, which was a little embarrassing.  

Will has fallen into the same mesmerizing virtual world of games. Will played professional sports and traveled with a virtual Diane to endless parts of the Earth. Diane and Will had fun seeing their virtual counterparts in their games. Part of the fun was changing all kinds of physical attributes and other options to make the games fun.  

As our story continues into Will’s already ongoing VR game, Will is climbing to the top of Mount Everest. The highest of the Himalayas mountains. 

Will just finishes his climb to the top while the VR device controls the oxygen and Will is able to breathe normally without the restraints. Actual climbers have to be properly equipped to conquer this treacherous climb to the top. 

It had always been a dream of Will’s to see the discovery of Noah’s Ark, from childhood stories.  Maxwell One reminded Will that even though his pleasure was to climb to the top of Mount Everest, Noah’s Ark actually landed on the mountains of Ararat, located in the far Eastern part of Turkey, near the border of Iran.   

After Will reached the top of Mount Everest, he looked at the amazingly majestic scenery. But suddenly, Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand mountaineer and explorer appeared in the VR experience, alongside Will. Joining them was Tenzin Norgay. These two men were known to be the first two confirmed climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. So, the two gentlemen congratulated him. Will did not recognize these men, but Maxwell One gave Will a brief history of their climb of Mount Everest. The men scoffed at Will’s VR accomplishment.  

Will is now transformed from Mount Everest to bobsledding with the Olympic Team. “What a ride!”, thought Will after that adventure. 

Will wanted to experience a super boat ride. So, he piloted a super boat. Will even reached speeds near 162 miles per hour. Will had never thought that a boat could go so fast on water. The vessel hardly touched the surface as it sped across the water. Extreme sports were a bit overwhelming. 

Next, Will flew a jet plane, a military grade MiG. Will first prepared for this flight by putting on all the gear he needed for a jet pilot. As Will took off, the jet’s speed increased rapidly. With Maxwell One’s guidance and as instructed, Will started by climbing up to approximately 85,000 feet. Once he was there, the jet reached Mach 2.6 or a little over 1500 miles per hour. For Will this adventure was an exhilaration beyond anything Will had experienced. Like Diane, each adventure was more exciting than the previous one. 

Next, Will had always seen a Bugatti Veyron in Beverly Hills. Valued at over 2 million dollars, Maxwell One delighted Will when he found himself inside the vehicle. Will strapped on the seat belt, checked all his mirrors, and took off driving. Will drove on some of the most exotic roads in the world. To test the limits of his speed in a Bugatti, he started out on many famous racetracks. 

He even drove on the famous Autobahn in Germany. The various speedways were as exhilarating as driving the Bugatti Veyron, itself. Will reached speeds of 253 miles per hour. 

Next, Will had always seen bullfighting, too. This VR experience started as Will found himself in the middle of a bullfighting arena. Will was a little afraid as the large bull came out of its cage.

Will knew that this was a VR experience, but he couldn’t help but think how realistic the whole experience felt. As Will looked around he saw no one in the stands of the bullfighting arena. First the bull saw Will and began to walk towards him. Will was holding a red cape since the beginning of this VR experience. After a while, the bull goes from walking towards Will to charging towards Will. Bravely, Will holds the cape in front of himself and stands there as the bull approaches. 

During the first pass, Will swipes the cape in an upward motion as the bull lowers its head and tries to hit Will with its horns, but misses.  The bull quickly turns around and makes another attempt directly towards Will.  This time the bull’s horns miss Will again, but the bull’s massive body hits Will in the hips while it turns during the charge. Will tumbles to the ground while losing the cape in the process.  The bull snorts angrily and with blazing red eyes, the bull makes eye contact with Will. 

As Will gets to his feet and picks up the cape, the bull charges again towards Will. This time Will notices not only the cape in his hand, but he now has a sword in the other hand. Will raises the cape slightly as the bull is suddenly upon him and with the other hand uses the sword to drive it into the side of the bull. As the bull falls to the ground Will also falls to the ground. But now the bull suddenly disappears and so does the cape and sword. Will realized that he had conquered the bull.  

Diane and Will now decide to take a break. As they looked at each other and examined the bruises on their bodies, they both giggled.   

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