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First Full-Length Poetry Collection By Chapel Hill Poet Paul Jones Announced

“Poetry is a conversation between the present and the past with a hope for the future. A visitation with bards and griots, and a probe, like a wandering rocket, into parts yet unknown. A modernizing of a message in stone, a set of inscriptions on disks crashed into the moon.” —Paul Jones

Hickory, NC – Redhawk Publications announced the publication of Something Wonderfula poetry collection by Paul Jones. Retiring after 40 years from the University of North Carolina, Jones re-immersed himself in the poetry world and began working with the NC Poetry Society, the NC Writers Network, and the Carrboro Poets Council.

A native of Hickory, NC, Jones received his first poetry publication credits from his high school literary magazine, Inquisition in Charlotte, NC. He has accomplished many noteworthy things during his time as a writer, such as: having the shortest poem to win the Carolina Quarterly Poetry Prize, having a manuscript of his poems engraved onto micro-thin nickel plates that were carried to the moon by SpaceIL’s Beresheet Lander, and being nominated for two “Best of the Web” awards in addition to two Pushcart Prizes. In addition to his writing accomplishments, Jones can be credited with helping to invent the internet and will be inducted into NC State’s Computer Science Hall of Fame in November 2021.

Redhawk Publications Senior Editor Robert Canipe remarks, “Jones is a known entity in the North Carolina poetry scene, and to think he trusted Redhawk with his first full length collection of poems is quite frankly humbling. His poetry collection is literally Something Wonderful; it is full of beautiful imagery, relatable metaphors, and refreshing in its honesty. Each time I read it, I find something new to focus on.”  

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