Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Alan Berger

I have no answers
I have no questions
I have not, nor I will find the road to bliss
No matter the inspections

But I have remedied this

Do you notice things about you?
Without being told
Or like me
Do you have to be mugged and rolled?

My whole life
I’ve been alone
Wanted it that way
Disconnect me
Disconnect the phone
Got what I wanted


A man of few words
That never come out right
Surrounded by long days
And for a desert
Longer nights
And with a twist of my own lips
I paddle out
Only to sink my own battleships

Was more than happy
Being a well-fed knave
To sleep in the bed that I have made

My life
And what is what
And who is who
Give me a hint
For I have not a clue

A life swell lived
Un-balancing the take and the give
A life of low hanging fruit
Or my Throat under the boot

Looking back on the years
Looking up or down at my peers
Never equal
With my people

Lessons burned
Lessons un-learned

My life well preserved
Avoiding what I deserve

Eyes seeing how we all live
My brain retaining the correct
As well as a sieve

My life wanting for nothing
And receiving less
What once was important becomes meaningless
What once was an afterthought, is all we have left

But what is better than waking from a bad dream
To discover still intact your faculty and spleen

Yet, we are all here
From ear to ear
Even though
Not going nowhere
From hand to hand
For nothing more than another demand

There you have it, my lady and man
A mule following a carrot
To a promised land

But the sun always rises
And so, do I
So does the moon
My type of guys


From sea to muddy sea
The best things in life
Are we


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