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‘Let me and you’ and other poems

By: Obadia Laizer

Let me and you

Let me and you,
be genuine lovers,
good example to others,
who pays attention to our love,
and surely be influenced,
by its persistence.

Let me and you,
embrace unity,
and perpetuate harmony,
nice words from our tongues,
be part of our routine,
looking for success and prosperity,
all these will make me feel,
my dreams comes true.

Let me and you,
bear children,
who will nourish our love,
and raise them,
under morals and values,
to become obedient,
to us and all.

Let me and you,
live together forever,
centered on peace and tolerance,
no matter how the condition is,
let’s reinforce faith,
so our love could flower,
and last longer,
till death keeps us apart.


My neighbour

This is my neighbour,
Cruel and impatient,
Reluctant and kindless,
And everyone in the village,
Knows all of her,
so I regret,
To have such kind of neighbour.

Come and see,
How my crops are destroyed,
By her cattle,
And when I asked her wisely,
Harsh languages from her tongue,
Were my respective compensations.

My neighbour hates my children,
As they performs well in school,
So prohibits them,
From playing with her own,
Otherwise she twists,
My children ears,
Till they comes out,
And now my children,
Are all one-eared,
Funny to others!

My neighbour ignorant and underdeveloped,
Has no toilet at all,
Around the house is suitable for them,
Finally cholera strikes us equally,
Jeopardizing our survival,
But no changes adapted.

I am tired I am tired,
Of her annoying actions,
And I declares moving away,
From the place of discomfort,
To where my heart could relax,
Let someone else come,
And share the pain I gets,
From this awful neighbour.

The cries of kamau‘s donkey
Today I’m on the way,
To unknown destination,
Carrying kamau on my back,
And a two wheeled cart,
Coming after me,
Well loaded with luggages,
That makes me overpowered,
And stacks often,
On my way.

Kamau the merciless,
Needs me to step faster,
And extend my stride,
As if I’m a mechanical machine,
That needs lubricants to work faster,
Kamau does not want to hear,
That I’m tired,
And always punish me,
When diverging from the way,
Seeking for grasses.

My foals,
Are now dwarfs,
Because Kamau,
started working with them,
Since their young age,
As he perceive us,
As the cheapest workforce,
Because we needs no petrol,
Just water and pasture.

My whole life,
Has been of trekking for miles,
In very sunny days,
No water no rest,
Strokes accompanies my journey,
And now I’m just waiting,
For my life,
To be concluded soon,
Because I’m really tired,
Of never ending tortures!


This world is not mine

When I hear people die,
of hunger and famine,
lightning and volcanoes,
earthquakes and tsunamis,
wars and accidents,
and chronic diseases,
that is when I reveal that,
this world is not mine!

We live to die,
that is the truth,
which really hurts,
everyone who is alive,
when and how is a puzzle,
for which no one can define,
I flowers for a time,
and vanish away,
from the surface of the planet,
‘the late ’ becomes my title,
and the ‘grave’ becomes the domicile,
for my body not for the soul,
their cries will never let me,
be alive again,
as long as I was born,
I will die,
when the time come,
and this manifests to me that,
This world is not mine!

I will not live forever,
in this world,
because it is not my home,
there is somewhere else for me,
the place of eternal life,
of neither destructions nor decay,
where I’m looking for,
after my life has been concluded,
but I lives knowing that,
this world is not mine!


Obadia Laizer was born in Arusha, Tanzania. He is currently a student at CEDHA College in Arusha Region. His major interests includes poem and speech writing.


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