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By: James Aitchison

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You have been given a physical shell
to house the inner being which is you.
In the earthly web and mesh,
each man walks his path.
If you are truly placed in me,
there can no longer be fear.
Have courage which lifts man from
the earthly to the eternal.
Become one of my translators and
you will have the Answer for which men
have sought and are seeking. The Answer
to all questions, of all time, and of all places.
Hear the Voice, heed the purpose, know peace.
Life does not wait. I will.


  1. Very nice poem! Yes, in todays world we all are about ourselves, being selfish & fragmented, creating a world of insecurity and loneliness! By embracing one another and exchanging one another’s pain and joy we surely can transit to a world of peace and tranquility.

    Great thinking
    Gulshan Ara

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