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‘A Dearth of Compos Mentis’ and other poems

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg

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A Dearth of Compos Mentis

Sanity’s too rare among apical players.
Such persons prefer smoking lives to
Aiding their fellows through brambles.

What’s more, too many ingles freeze
When love’s parure get trafficked for
Temporary passions, else importance.

Today, short of skelping politicians,
Smacking householders upside heads,
Little’s gained by wishing for wolds.


A Discussion of Some Ways

When someone tips their cookie tray, stability grows inauspicious.
We forget that friendship’s crucial to mutual well-being, disregard
All muted prestige for individuals pronouncing the extent to which
Discourse patterns, as proper progressions, escape interdependence.
Shared negotiations undergird ethics. Realize, communications are
Both products and processes, are outcomes interactively developed.

Cosmology that’s purposely or inadvertently exclusively generated
Wrongly appraises others harshly; some citizens have not yet been
Exposed to arduous conditions, have yet to construct a morality of
Champions, to compassionately abide dynamics concommitant to
Striving to survive. Those folks fail to be mindful of obstructions’
Nature, proscribe offending selves, further bicker rehab as futile.

Thus, little success occurs in honoring only communities suffering
Oleaginous quips. Inversely, silver-haired persons’ inquisitiveness,
Their tendentious rhetoric, given its debated disposition, frequently
Suggests correlated considerations of differences between intended
Vs. apparent perceptions, between potent, comprehensive populaces.
Sound convictions stand as provinces of battle-proven men, women.

Because of esteem for scientific “truths,” we know how to establish
Causal explanations for lapsing whilst protecting vulnerable parties.
Most often, empowered publics can augment combined autonomies,
Can objectify nonlinear, nonmechanized practices of reversing from
Deficit to acceptance, can erase structural poverty through empathy,
Can recognize ways to cause significant distresses to dematerialize.

In other words, the status quo, via the long view, makes the case for
Sociocentric ontology. Still, our conflict among the alleged reasons
For diminishing neighborhoods’ bases as marginal behaves like no
Adequate paths to consciousness. These activities make little sense.
Too often, children are left among our problems’ rubble, too often,
Our juveniles must administer the wreckage of “lucky” grown-ups.

As long as “secrets,” i.e., forbidden dialogues, endure, we’ll require
References to overt authenticity (by nature, “illicitness’s” attractive),
Our planned use of ordinary, sophisticatedly interfaced apparatuses,
Also, our means of demystify distinctions among options tending to
Obfuscate, will remain lost. We ought to replicate proven tools used
In earlier eras. We need to put to rights the cracks in our shared lives.


Various Classes of Presentation

Credulous folks seem sure to discuss designs’ liminal exposures.
No delayed buckets of ordure can otherwise unhinge them when
Various classes of presentations, i.e., denominations supposedly
Backed by collectives, begin vandalizing individual fascinations.

Yesteryear, storytellers evoked smiles as well as groans. Those
Folks enhanced mindfulness, but rarely possessed wealth, fame,
Disrepute. Most raconteurs fashioned spoken, written passages,
Similarly suspect commodities, in view of societal expectations.

Today’s “maintenance” of blended traditions, further espouses
Ontology’s lack of place for empathy as modern-day culture’s
Prevailing rationale challenges no ethnic prejudices or contests
Any assumptions per exclusively erected, hollow social strata.

Compendia from academic papers to blog posts are wont to ask
How responsible people build relationships, stay sensitive, feed
Standards. Contained by fragmentation, compunction’s limited
Community plus innate gifts’ dimensions lodge nonconvertible.

Without religious or alternate organizations, edifying progress’s
Complicated. Our contemporary dearth of networks means most
Empowered persons celebrate qualities of themselves that belay
Kindness, leaving continuum-styled interactions much forsaken.

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