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By: Emily Breen 

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You Get Me

You get me
And all that I am
And while that may not seem like much to some or to even you
It’s all I’ve ever asked for
You understand me
You understand me to my core
When I’m hysteric and can’t catch my breath
Choking on tears as I’m trying to pull myself together
When I begin to see the lights fade feeling as though I’m coming closer to death
You’re right there with me, calming me, making me feel better
When I’m too embarrassed to speak or to look at you afterwards
You take me to our mirror in the bathroom
And you hold me close at first until I learn to stand on my own
As I begin to feel the soft, pillow like design of the rug underneath my bare feet
Slowly bringing me back to reality
You make me look at myself
Red eyes, puffy faced in all it’s glory
And you make me tell myself that I am beautiful
That I am valuable
Until I eventually believe it
I’ve had to deal with so much before you
And so much of that pain continues today
But you
You accept me
You believe me
You trust me
You get me
And I get you
This and so many other reasons is why I love you


Fly Little Birdie

When I was a little girl, I held onto your leg oh so tight
I held onto you day and night
As I grew, I followed you around like a duckling imprinted on its mother
Like a codependent person and their lover
I took you everywhere as if you were a necessity for me to thrive
As if you were the very being keeping me alive
Then one day unbeknownst to me, I grew up
I don’t know how exactly, it was all very abrupt
I was in the real world now
I was an adult somehow?
My mind didn’t want to believe it
My heart didn’t want to accept it
My body longed for your presence
Every part of me still wanted you there by my side
But you, you knew better
You said it was time for me to be on my own
It was time for me to fly


On the Go

Once I knew a girl who always seemed as if she was on the go
The kind of girl who seemed as if she just wanted to lay low
Always ready to travel
Bags packed
One foot in front of another
Never looking back for there was nothing to rediscover
Never having time for simple pleasantries or meaningless conversations
For she was always trying to get to her next destination
That’s just it though
Many assumed this girl was a busy bee of sorts
As she was running to all types of different airports
Many assumed she was running towards some final resting spot
Hustle in life and then retire is what they all thought
Surely, that’s what she was running towards
Somewhere to relax, to unwind, to enjoy life
I never thought so
She was running yes
That wasn’t a question, why she was always on the go
But it wasn’t towards anything
Rather, she was running away
From a past that haunts her
A past that eats at her brain
The only way to escape this past for her was to keep running from point A to Point B
Going from city to city
Making up new versions of herself along the way
And when strangers asked, “So what brings you to town?”
She simply replied by exiting on the first train out
But what they don’t tell you is no matter how much you run
You can’t erase your past
You can run, but you can’t hide as the memories will continue to last and last

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