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By: Irena Kovačević

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Sprinkle on me the ashes of the old days
and rub it into the collarbones
of my new insides.

Press into the touch molds
the words of this one that flowed
a torrent of tides
of your waves.

Soak up the silence of my fresh sighs,
fresh scents
and a new ecstasy suit.

Swim me like the ocean,
but come in
come on
visits and the depths that await you
to meet you.

Make me like Gala Dali
and on the edge of his lips he awoke
destroyed thoughts
who will be transformed in an instant,
and be born
as new depths of my interior.



Oh, am I your air
breathe me.
Oh, am I your voice
tell me.
Oh, am I silent to you
listen to me.
Oh, am I your water
pour me.
Oh, am I your fire
set me on fire.
Oh, am I your love?
protect me.


Irena Kovačević was born in Sarajevo on April 29, 1998, where she completed her schooling. She finds inspiration in herself,, in distant interiors and in buried thoughts.

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