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By: S. A. Gerber

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Edgar Allan Poe carves the roast—
Dorothy Parker stands to toast—
Hemmingway begins to boast—
Shakespeare sits with ‘Hamlet’s’ ghost.

Blake, alas, not using rhyme—
Emily Dickinson looks sublime—
Virginia and Gertrude in their prime—
Dylan Thomas pours more wine.

Nathaniel West does not sell—
Norman Mailer fights and yells—
Thoreau cross-legged in his cell—
Dante makes more room in hell.

Proust’s notebook collecting dust—
Salinger lays low as he must—
Capote’s pieces betraying trust—
Hart Crane eyeing boys with lust.

All these icons at one table-
in the ‘House of Seven Gables—
most, a little far from stable—
each one bears the genius label.


S. A. Gerber is a native and resident again of Los Angeles, CA. after having spent  twenty-four years in a neighboring “city of sin” in the Silver State of Nevada. His work has appeared in such diverse publications as Desert Voices Magazine… Subtopian MagazineTalking SidewalksMad Swirl, etc.

He is also a member of the Los Angeles Poet’s Society, (where his work can be found “Spotlighted” on their website). (His work can also be accessed by “Googling” “The Poetry of S. A. Gerber”, as well as on a Facebook page under the same title).

His three (3) volumes of poetry, Under the Radar, Inventory, and Old School Rhyme can all be obtained on Barnes & Noble and, as well as Beyond Baroque Bookstore in Venice, Ca. The Amber Unicorn in Las Vegas, NV. The Book Monster in Santa Monica, Ca. , The Book Jewel in Westchester, Ca. and  City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, Ca. His books have also just been included in The Sims Library of Poetry. (Gerb has a new poetry volume due early in 2022.) 


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