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By: Enrico Barigazzi

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The ashtray is filled of smoldering
they’re representing the unrepentant
scraps of a vanishing short timelapse

images over images are bundled up
by the slow hands of the future
minds are empty
the last midnight dreams have flowed out
of the illusion Kingdom
they’ve stranded on the painful nowhere
of the lost hopes

smoking the last cigarette
it’s time to write another page
watching this ashtray
where traces of me are smoldering


I’ve spent time
dragging around into the maze
of nonsense
blunt words have been written on the verge
of a bottomless chasm of insanity
the only true stanzas are written by
the deepest side explored by the human purity
they plunk the sensitive strings of life

a soft caress is touching softly a wheeping face.


A raining day

You’re staring at the cloudy sky
where rainy angels are gathering there
they’re going to let drop
their tears on the ground
that’s paved by craved dreams
and hopes

an old man is looking up to the grey blanket
above his head
his wet wrinkles look like
several rivers flooding the dust of the old time
after a drought

he turns away from the grey vastness
you’re looking at him through the wet glass
of your sensitive mystical window
he reminds you your father’s ghost
strolling under the rain in a lost forgotten
moor located in your deepest feelings.


Spiritual retreat

A temple will feel repulsive
the false prophets who hold forth
on how trying people to fall into their tricks

it will welcome the pure genuine devotion
to the God behind the curtain of the human action
the philosophical clairvoyance have been collected
by the human knowledge
and it’s going to take us to the top of
our self awareness.

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