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By: Ikera Olandesca

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hello doc. how are u? i dont want to sound paranoid
or attention seeking hehe but my body is feeling super
useless lately. is that normal? is it normal to miss people

so hard all your muscles cramp and go numb? semi-literally?
doc, it would be nice if u offered an operation to like fix
this body like cut my skin into strips and braid the strips

into ropes and throw it out to whoever can catch it. doc,
is that possible? hehe. srsly doc, if someone catches the rope
that will be my first form of physical contact with another human

in like two years. do u see what i mean? like the blood
of my skin strips on their fingers hehe. that craving is normal,
right, doc? touching someone? or how about this one, doc. can u like

and pls dont think im crazy!!! but open my rib cage and
disassemble my bones and use uhhhhhhh nanotechnology
like in those sci fi movies with hordes of cloned warriors? yes.

then i can use my cloned bones OMG RHYME to build a bridge
to someone, anyone. its genius u could win a nobel prize for that,
doc. im happy to be ur patient, subject, guinea pig, prisoner,

warden, assistant, intern, partner, lover, escort, maid, mother,
cousin, sister, friend. anything. is that a normal thing to feel,
doc? to want to be something to somebody? maybe not

even nanotech doc, if its too much to ask hehe. ur in neuro,
right? how about weave all the neurons in my brain into a net
and cast it into the Pacific and wait and see who gets caught in it.

maybe someone is having their life of pi moment there?! maybe
i can help them. thats a good thing, right, doc? maybe i can save
someone just by being there for them. doc, i could save the world

in my own little way. haha. when can we start, doc? actually
i walked over to your office while texting hehe.

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