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‘The Madhouse of Ogden’ and other poems

By: Sarvenaz Ghasemi

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The Madhouse of Ogden

A cold and dark December night
Light of moon that is mourning white
You won’t feel the sun warmth when it rise
What’s good of a heart when it just dies?
Far deep beneath the waves of sea
Dark thoughts of man lies in peace
Gloomy dusk that shivers your soul
Downward truth that’s about to be told
I hark to the song of my painful soul
That keeps telling the tale of the tragic soul
Once A man I was, so eager for life
Bringing joy with sound of my fife
Breathing air when it’s merry and fresh
All my feelings got bantered and mesh
Shooting arrows at blue infinite sky
So my sight would twinkle at time
A mansion so big near the sea
Gave you the guts to run on the scree
I speak of joy that I brought with me
Once I was the man I wanted to be
One night I was walking at the beach
The water so steady and tame but outreach
I saw the image of a shadow like of me
Petrified can’t look, my eyes shall not see
I ran and ran but it’s like I’m just hunted
I keep running trying not to be shunted
Alas, my whole life I kept running away
And no soul on earth listen to my pain
Like spring that never got autumn leaves
They fall on ground when pain is perceive
When waves of time wash your loving soul
When the gates of fear call you in stroll
So scared by the shadow of your own
The reason that they leave you for good
Nature sometimes can be harshly cruel
It hurts you bad obeying no rule
I kept remembering the painful thoughts
When people were scared to not get a blot
In days you see the betrayal that you fear
People that hymn for the mad man they see
When eyes can wound and scar your soul
Deep in your heart it make a big whole
Alas the nights of my sudden spare
Thinking to be free of the hellish snare
No good for me to keep living the life
I thought I get it over with an abrupt knife
But that one night that I wanted to sour
I saw the shadow of him on glass on floor
I shall tell this with you my good old friend
The one that didn’t left me to lonely wend
Oh beautiful December night hear my voice
As you share your lure flakes by choice
Gathered the broken pieces of looks
The faces demons on different nooks
I put them all on my depiction walls
And one look in front of me large and sprawl
The looks of thousand on me with care
The looks no longer scared me, they spare
The parcels of mysteries inside my house
The looks of thousand that gives you a gasp
Thus the time passes, crossing roads
The wind of night will give us bode
And tells us all one truthful fact
It might give your beliefs a crack
“The shadows wildly welcomes you
‘Madness’ the world that’s worth a view”


Dancing of rhinos

A land of fire and desert cold
That tells a tell like an oak tree old
There is nothing to be seen in this desert land
The sands that cover your blinded eyes
An old man walking in vain
His heart has been bitten by a Cain
No purpose he has in this desert land
He walks in a pattern by a holly command
From his homeland he has been banned
For ages alone he had stand
As he walks in golden sand
His shadow appears and proudly stands
His only companion in these lonely years
Stood by him in laughter and tears
Asked the shadow in the nicest tone
Are you headed to see the rhinos dance on your own?
The old man didn’t say nothing at all
He had put his last word near the palm threes of tall
He walks and walks he fears nothing at all
He had seen monsters and beasts as sky tall
A storm sand comes near by
The old man smiled and look up in sky

This is your path to rhinos the shadow said
Its easy to pass it for a one whose nor live or dead
Through the storm the old man walks
As he holds tight on his pressure box
Its empty yet gives a lot
A hope, a light worth a fight
Over the storm next to a mirage, he sees
Showing to him a thin breeze
rhinos gather at a lake of mirrors
That is poured with golden rivers
He finally sat and saw them do
The holly dance that they always do
His eyes are teared up with nor joy or grief
This is what he has always believed
The shadow appeared and said
I guess this did unload your head
Till tomorrow when the sun awakes again
Your journey starts … starts again in absolute vain


Amourted Mind

Fly upon the mighty sky
No regrets, no tears in the eyes
As for a bird is to aim high
What good is it if it cant fly
Clear skies no clouds to see
Suddenly a Beshrew came and we…

Amorphous , hearts had been
Season had past and brought all keen
Trapped in a frame call time
Inside a box , just can not climb
wonders in a amorted mind
What if all this can be denied

Or what if Beleaguer was the only way
What if Ephemeral was these darks days
wonders in A motley mind
What if it could just go unwind
Puissance Agony , a round anger
Weighed down souls like an anchor

Wonders in a amorted mind
What if all this can be denied
What if the cage can be break
Rancor dream , over by wake
Dismal , always the truth is
Throes of battle , till Panacea finally cease

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