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‘Who will love the wasp?’ and other poems

By: Shane Dickie

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Who will love the wasp?

Who will love the wasp?
Who will love the wasp, I ask?
Is it her aggressive nature,
The nasty bite she gives?
We feel justified, even vindicated in
Killing her ; we as humans have license to kill
An assumed God-given right
After all we are only killing something
That is annoying – something we don’t
Need or do we ? – indirectly – food for the
Birds in an invisible web of interconnectedness…
We kill the wasp but who is next… is our place
On the web that secure and when will it be our turn?
It is easy to love the lovable but to love the unlovable
Is an act of the Spirit and close to Heaven.


Oh Book! Oh Book!

Oh book! Oh book!
You gave me who such a sad look,
You wait patiently on the shelf
For someone to pick you up
And hold you;
Time is spent talking to neighboring books,
Exchanging tales of how you were created
And the work it took to make you,
The tree that felled so you could live,
The dust that now piles up on you and your sibs,
The stories connected with the people,
Who returned you on time;
And who paid for being late
Now you barely get a second glance,
What you would give to be a phone…
Oh book! Oh book, what a pathetic creature
Nobody wants to own!


Turtles Run the World

The world belongs to the turtles,

They run the world by their crawling,
Their persistence is mocked by the rabbits
Of the world but the turtle know better,
The world is theirs,
They work at their own pace,
They get there where they do,
They have no stress to speak of,
Their life is inches yet full of miles,
They are laughing at the rabbits
Of the world and smiling.

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