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By: Sushant Thapa

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  1. Disguise

Trace the mind in disguise,
Lies and truths both need utterance.
Only what is devised has layers of meanings.
It’ll be a camouflage if a psychiatrist uses a stethoscope
Because it is a physician and specialist who actually needs one.
The daily mask is like a mirror covered with dew.
For you to act and see is also to be visible
And seek widely the task doers accomplish because
Actions make trusty reflections than ideas.
They are truer than any words mean and recollect.
Hiding isn’t the mantra for all the actors and also;
Stage isn’t a real world to be ruled,
When the new empire is to be run.
Every belief can have its own reaction that harmonize with it.
A shop where values are traded
Need not sell comfort in the coffins of rest.
An effort-brick is the foundation of the ground work.
It takes a beating heart to pump the blood of hunger
And fulfill it with all the might required.
Empty stomachs make the slums of survival fittest;
There is only meeting death if hunger is also disguised.


  1. Lesson Well Learned

Probably that last goodbye
In the boarding school also
Taught us how kisses
Are meant to be saved for a lifetime.
That red rose origami lasted fresh for eternity
Than the real flowers which faded.
My room recalls you with that same paper flower.
You acted like a doc
Who saved me from drowning in love,
Yet, we desired in bounty.
We transcended the last goodbye
Only to learn lessons in love
And to whisper softly and exchange
The tunes of melancholy on piano keys.
If owning the truth is also like accepting the beauty
The traces imprinted a poetic photograph today.
I guess the lesson has been well taught and learned well.


  1. Journey to be Owned

Life is like a wind in the hair
A freedom leaf finding its own motion.
The chances to rise and fall is a tough vocation
Tracing out the measurements is like distilling
The mixture of emotions with more clean tears;
Like wiping down memories of soiled flowers
Before they cast their incense of spell.
Hard to tell
What is meant to be said?
Finding ways to be told
And living is all but a journey to be owned


Sushant Thapa is a Nepalese poet from Biratnagar, Nepal. He has published two poetry books, namely: “The Poetic Burden and Other Poems” and “Abstraction and Other Poems” from New Delhi and England respectively. Sushant has been widely published across the globe in print, online, school book and anthologies. He holds a Master’s degree in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

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