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By: Bobby Zielinski

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The Ukraine Dream, with streets, once paved with gold,
now filled with bombed-out buildings and military detours.
the Dream has now been put on hold.

Once dreaming of greatness, and awaiting just rewards,
which Putin has attempted to vanquish, will once again be restored.

Their families have left, and now safely over the border,
while they remain to fight, wondering if they will ever again,
be with their wives, sons or daughters.

Bullets flying, bombs exploding, guided missiles in the air,
Zelensky taunting Putin, come and get us,
come and get us, because we’re going nowhere,

The will to succeed has not been lost thru the year
we shall fight for our freedom and never have any fears.

No shortage of role models, our youth has many heroes to look up to,
they have replaced their dreams, with bearing arms,
willing to sacrifice for you, you & you.

Putin has made a mistake and has found out, but it’s too late,
that it’s not the size of the dog, but the size of the fight in the dog,
I guess he took the bait.

It’s without a doubt, that Pres Zelensky has courage, of the highest degree,
has nightly dreams about the Ukraine Dream, and that Ukraine,
will once again become FREE.

The dream once again shall rise, once many changes are made,
we shall once again return to the greatness of yesterday, and we will never again be dismayed.


Bobby Zielinski aka Bobby “Z” the 81-year-old Vet, cancer survivor, recovering alcoholic, and original Jersey City 50’s (high school dropout) bad boy.

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