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Serendipity Gardening                                     

By: Carl Papa Palmer

Photo by Flora Westbrook on

We raised roses
relished by us
and by the loads of lovely ladybugs,
tended thyme
trimmed by us
and by our overabundance of bunnies,
weaved wisteria for us
and for the haven of one hundred bird nests.

We transplanted tulips
treasured by us
and by the Washington black tail deer,
dug in dahlias
delighted by us
and by our foraging backyard mason bees,
propagated periwinkle for us
and for the hovel of two hundred rabbit families.

We latticed lilacs
lavished by us
and by the reappearing Monarch butterflies,
laid in lavender
loved by us
and by our resurrected vigilant bumble bees,
hung honeysuckle for us
and for the homecoming of three hundred hummingbirds.


Serendipitous: Looking for something, finding something else, realizing what you found is more suited than what you thought you were looking for.


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