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By: Ankita Roy Choudhury

Memory clouds watch
us counting sand on
beaches. They too
searching for you, silver
linings. I believe, a body
for two. Nani , didn’t know
you were blind to sound,
deaf to light. You knew
the dark in me blankets
your soul like the mothers,
mothers in morning beds,
unnoticed pulls the
cover for her child. You
knew love, love was
air breathed through skin
and not their type. You
knew we couldn’t
count sand, so you dug
tunnels and I followed
you. I fell in love with
an earthworm .Hush.
No-one knew.


Ankita Roy Choudhury is a poet from the Land of Diversity, India. She is an undergraduate at BITS PILANI. Her poems have appeared in the DECCAN HERALD and are forthcoming in the anthologies, ‘WHISPERS OF THE DANDELIONS’,  ‘SECRET’ and QUAIL BELL She is currently working on her first poetry collection.

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