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By: Bruce Levine

Tuesdays were always good days. It was an anniversary. Not a formal anniversary, but one just the same – a Tuesday was the day of their first meeting and the beginning of them being together.

Now Tuesdays meant a day to celebrate and he decided that since there were fifty-two Tuesdays in a year they should celebrate fifty-two anniversaries. Of course there was also the day they bought their wedding ring, that was actually on a Halloween day so, of course, that added to the total number of anniversaries.

And then there was their official wedding day. OF COURSE that added an additional day.

All together that meant that they had fifty-four anniversaries.

The problem came when either of the additional two dates coincided with a Tuesday. For example, what happened when Halloween fell on a Tuesday? Should he deduct one anniversary from the total? Similarly, when their official marriage anniversary fell on a Tuesday?

It was a complex problem. Of course they could celebrate twice for a Tuesday plus a meeting or official anniversary. But then how does one celebrate twice on the same day, he wondered? And simply celebrating two days in a row didn’t have the same effect. It was like celebrating on the week-end because it was more convenient than during the week. Of course they were adults and should just accept it as a celebration, but, somehow, it wasn’t the same.

There was also the subtraction method. They could replace a Tuesday celebration with a ring day (Halloween) or official. But that would mean only fifty-three celebrations rather than fifty-four.

There seemed no solution and the Tuesday quandary remained just that, a quandary.

They agreed that since there appeared to be no satisfactory solution they’d simply continue celebrating Tuesdays and, when either their ring day or their official anniversary happened to fall on a Tuesday they’d figure it out then.

With their lezzie faire attitude now decided they went about their life living happily ever after.

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