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‘Witnessed Tales’ and other poems

By Robert Isaacs Chiwala

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Witnessed Tales

Beautiful dyes spread
In twilight of sunset
Stories I have experienced
Colourful like a rainbow

I had done this before
I was naïve
No remedy in regret
Only pain but life goes on

I had witnessed this
I was there that day
It happened so suddenly
It was just irreversible

Dreams come true
Things I had thought
Coming into reality
Began dreaming in colours


Seen In My Troubles

Lord has seen me in my troubles
He has lifted me above pity
My frown He has turned into smiles
And made my enemies celebration to halt

Lord has given me a well
To quench my insatiable thirsty
And see if it could not go well
After wiping away the tears of misty

Lord has extend His hand
Now, (I’m) always walking in His grace
In my stumbles, I’m never on the ground
But still standing strong on my bless

I shall give praise to God Father Almighty
And the lamb I shall adopt as my Lord
I shall sing psalms of praise with might
And rejoice in my saviour, my Lord


Asking For A Spiritual Governance

Oh, Lord, give us a spiritual light
To walk over the snares of sin without
That our work in your eyes shall seem right
As our heart hang steady to your commandments without fumbling

Oh, Lord, give us a bounding faith
To go through fasting without doubt and fear
That our poor and weak souls be encouraged in its depth
As it will overcome all fears through fasting and prayer

Oh, Lord, give us spiritual eyes
To see world affairs in a spiritual way
That our sight maybe right in judging this world affairs
So as not to worship the devil but to you only, shall we pray!

Oh, Lord, give us a spiritual strength
That our lives shall walk in spiritual lane
So as our souls shall be preserved for life after death
To paradise –not hell, that will bring forth woes and pain

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